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At the Canape Company we are also able to provide hot and cold canape breakfast menus. If you are looking for an easy to eat, informal breakfast, then our canape breakfast selection may be a suitable option. All our breakfast canape items are bite size and do not require cutlery. Please enquire about our alternative items such as drinks, glassware, cutlery, table linen and staffing.

Mini Vienoisserie £0.65
Pain au chocolate, croissant and pain au raisin.
Croissant, Butter and Jam £2.00
Almond Croissant £1.50
Pain au Chocolate £1.50
Pain au Raisin £1.50
French Bread, Butter and Jam £2.00
Danish Pastry £1.80
Mini Danish Pastry £0.65
Muffin £1.80
Mini Muffin £0.65
Mini Strawberry and Cream Scone £1.10

Mini Blueberry Pancake £1.50
Blueberry pancake with sweet mascarpone and maple syrup topped with blueberries.
Mini Banana Pancake £1.50
Banana, oat and walnut pancake with maple syrup.
Mini Berry Pancake £1.50
Mixed berries pancake with raspberry coulis.

Bacon in roll (hot) £3.00
Sausage in roll (hot) £3.00
Full English Breakfast (hot) £4.50
Bacon, scrambled eggs, grilled tomato, baked beans, hash brown, toast, condiments.
Continental Meat and Cheese Platter £5.00
Mini Egg & Cress Bagel £1.50
Mini Parma Ham & Mascarpone Bagel £1.50
Mini Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Bagel £1.50

Fruit Platter £16.50
Fruit Platter (small) £9.50
Fruit Salad Bowl £16.50
Mini Fruit Pot £1.60
Mini Berrie Pot £1.60
Fruit Skewer £1.50

Selection of Cereals served with milk £2.50
Mini Yoghurt Pot £1.50
With Granola and and Raspberry Coulis
Mini Yoghurt Pot £1.50
With Honey and Blueberries
Mini Yoghurt Pot £1.50
With Banana Yoghurt, Kiwi and Strawberry

Tea & Coffee (per cup) £0.65
Nespresso (per cup) £1.50
Orange Juice (1ltr) £2.50
Apple Juice (1ltr) £2.50
Pineapple Juice (1ltr) £2.50
Water still (1ltr) £2.50
Water sparkling (1ltr) £2.50

All prices quoted are per person/item and are exclusive of vat. Management reserve the right to make changes to menus and prices.