Cold Canapés


Our Cold Canapes selection are designed to provide clients with an easy, hassle free service. We are conscious to source canapes that not only look beautiful and taste delicious but hold well and are fresh when served, a key factor when designing canapes. All our cold canapes are delivered using temperature controlled thermoboxes and served on black slate or contempoary white china.

Hot Canapés


Our exciting range of hot canapes have been developed by our in house chefs to provide an alternative or addition to our cold canape service. We recommend hot canpes are prepared on site by one of our experienced chefs and served by our team of waitresses and waiters. Over the past 10 years we have established ourselves as one of the leading canape companies within London.

Dessert Canapés


Dessert canapes are the perfect way to finish off a canape event. Our menus hold a range of delicious and innovative flavours to add colour and excitment to your evening. Over the years through providing an efficeint and personal service we have built a strong portfolio of clients rangings from corporations such as Channel London, De Beers Diamond Jewlers, Moet Hennessay and the Mayor’s Office.